History pop quiz -- what day of what year was the U.S. constitution signed? 

Here's a hint. September 17, 1789 (here's a real constitutional quiz). 
To honor the 227th anniversary, know what you can do for yourself and your country?
Register to vote. And tell a friend.
Voter registration deadlines are in early October and the next big election is less than two months away. Still not convinced? September 23 is National Voter Registration Day
Unsure how to register? Forgot if you already are? 
Click here for more information on how to register. To see if you're already registered, click here.
This week, while you're celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the constitution, make sure you're registered to vote. Tell a friend, too. And then in November, VOTE! It's the most patriotic thing you can do.


LATEST NEWS:  More than 90 college freshmen will be volunteering this semester through our new partnership with Northwestern. Read the full story and listen to a radio interview with 1 of 7 co-founder Kip Patrick.

Whether at home or far from it, there's always something we can do to help others. It starts with just 1 day of 7.

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