What's 1 of 7?

1 of 7. It's a simple concept. And it's one that can make a huge difference.  

Are you ready? Here goes:

Pick one day of the week. Do something good. The following week, repeat.

That's it.  Really.

Are you in? If so, make the committment, join the movement and sign up for your weekly 1 of 7 activity. You'll be glad you did. And so will we.

And don't forget to tell us your stories!


Despite bucketloads of altruistic intentions, most of us feel there's little time left to devote to giving back and/or helping others. Maybe we've daydreamed of launching a nonprofit or of joining the Peace Corps to work full time helping others near home or in faraway lands.

For the large majority of us, however, that type of full-time service simply isn't a realistic option.

Welcome to 1 of 7.

We don't expect you to give up all your free time volunteering at a shelter or to spend your entire vacation building a house in a village with no water or electricity (although it would be awesome if you did!).  

We just ask that at least one day each week you do something to help others. Tutor a child. Clean up a park or hiking trail. Feed the homeless. Donate your extra stuff. Just do something. 

To make it easy, we'll send you a weekly activity or two you can do on your own or with a group that will have an impact both on you and on the world around you. 

What good comes from giving back? 

  1. It helps us to perceive others more compassionately -- we typically find good qualities in people to whom we are kind.
  2. Being generous helps us appreciate and feel grateful for our own good fortune
  3. Being kind promotes a sense of connection and community with others, which is one of the strongest factors in increasing happiness
  4. Being generous boosts our self-image; it helps us feel useful and gives us a way to use our strengths and talents in a meaningful way
  5. Being kind can start a chain reaction of positivity; being kind to others may lead them to be grateful and generous to others, who in turn are grateful and kind to others

Just remember, whether at home or far from it, there's always something we can do to help others...it starts with just one day of seven. 

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