THIS WEEK'S 1 OF 7: Spring is finally here! For most of us that means warmer temperatures, flowering trees, and happier humans (yayyy!). It's also the perfect time to do some serious spring cleaning.

    This week, dig into those closets and cabinets, climb around the attic, go deep in the garage and get rid of all that stuff you no longer need and/or haven't used in a while. When you're done, pack it all up and donate it to a nonprofit in your area. Your house will be cleaner, you'll be doing something good, and you can even save money by scoring a nice tax write-off. Need tips? Here are a few on donating clothes and finding an organization to donate stuff to.

    EXTRA CREDIT: Have a yard sale and donate the money to your favorite charity. Extra bonus--convince your neighbors to spring clean and join the sale!

    ALTERNATIVE: You really expect us to believe you're totally clutter free?! If you really are, then you're our hero. Help family or a friend de-clutter their place and donate the stuff afterward.

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