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    TVs. Toaster ovens. Laptops. Running shoes. Bicycle tires. 
    These are just a few of the discarded items we picked up during this year's Rock Creek Park Extreme Clean Up
    One of the largest city park's in the country, Washington's Rock Creek Park runs from the northern tip of DC down to the Potomac River just a mile from the White House. It's an urban getaway, home to hardwood forests, hiking trails, steep ravines, rushing water and plenty of deer and birds. 
    Surprisingly, it's also home to trash. And lots of it. Which is why the Rock Creek Park Conservancy every spring hosts its annual Extreme Clean Up, featuring trash pickups at more than 50 locations along the 33 mile length of Rock Creek.  
    Together with a few recruits helpful 1 of 7 recruits, we joined the Conservancy for this year's event, helping clean up an area of the park of the park near the Adams Morgan neighborhood (see photos from our work at last year's Extreme Clean-Up).
    Thanks to everyone who came out to join, especially David G (above with Liz), Jordan B (below), Matt, and Brian. 

    Yes, that's a toaster oven Kip's carrying. 

    If you're in the DC area next spring, don't miss the Rock Creek Park Extreme Clean Up. It's a rewarding, fun way to spend a few hours getting to know one of the nation's finest city parks. Plus, you never know what you'll find.

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