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    If donating one pint of blood can save three lives, how many lives can 10 gallons save? 
    No, this isn't a fourth grade math problem. It's a legitimate question, at least if we're talking about the blood donating habits of former school principal and Sunday School teacher Larry Patrick. 

    Above, 10-Gallon Donor Larry Patrick shows off his mugs and his Mardi Gras Krewe T-Shirt from the LifeShare Blood Center in Louisiana.

    A resident of Converse, La., Larry--aka, Papa to his granddaughters Izzy and Chelsea--has been donating blood and saving lives for years. The nurses at the LifeShare Blood Center know him by name and expect his visit at least once a month. 
    Larry can't honestly remember how many times he's donated blood, although he did find a "10 Gallon Donor" coffee mug in his kitchen cabinets. 
    So if we take the number of pints in a gallon (8) and multiply that by the number of gallons Larry's donated, the former math teacher could say he's saved 240 lives (8 x 10 x 3=240). 
    Of course, he'd never say something like that. Bragging isn't his forte, unless of course he's talking about his grandbabies. He would, however, encourage other people to get out and donate blood. 
    So why not join Larry and help celelbrate American Red Cross Month by donating blood?
    Save a life. Save three. And you can even call it your "1 of 7" for this week. Click here to find a donation center near you.
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