Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Looking for some inspiration?

Look no further -- check out some of our favorite inspirational quotes to help make your 1 of 7 this week. 

"One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference." — Jeff Bridges, aka, "The Dude"

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammad Ali

“Generosity lies less in giving much than in giving at the right moment.” Jean de La Bruyère, French Philosopher

“The most fertile soil does not necessarily produce the most abundant harvest. It is the use we make of our faculties which renders them valuable." — Thomas W. Higginson

“Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think." — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good."  — Thomas Paine

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”   — Pearl S. Buck, Writer, Nobel & Pulitzer Prize Winner

“Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.” — Carrie Chapman Catt, American Women's Rights Activist

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” — Rabindranath Tagore, Poet, Playwright, Essayist

“I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” —  Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher, Physician, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” — Libba Bray, Author

"The world's troubles are your troubles...and there is nothing wrong with the world that better human beings cannot fix." — John Sloan Dickey, Dartmouth University President

"Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." -- Leo Tolstoy

“Neither fire, nor moisture, nor wind can destroy the blessing of a good deed, and it will reform the world." -- Buddha

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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