Commit to it!

Commit to it!

C'mon, you can manage to do just about anything one day a week, right? And this is guaranteed to make you feel better and help improve the world while you're at it. 

Sign up here and we'll send you our weekly 1 of 7 updates, complete with whatever fun do-gooder project is on tap for the week. To keep your attention, we may also include some bonus stuff in the weekly message -- such as a photo of the week, our latest blog updates and perhaps a story or two about people just like you who have joined the 1 of 7 movement. 

Whether you're at home or far from it, there's always something we can do to help others, even if it's just one day each week. 

Sign up now and commit to making the world a better place, one act of kindness, one day at a time!

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