Who We Are?

For more than three years we’ve been on a mission to show people everywhere that making a difference is not only simple, but it’s also something anyone can do, no matter where you are.

To prove our point, we've volunteered at least one day of every seven (1 of 7!) wherever we’ve been: cleaning up the trail to Everest Base Camp, helping young monks with their English in Laos or delivering food to the homebound in Washington, DC, our current home.

The past three years have taught us a lot, particularly during our recent 16-month trip through Asia, Africa and Central America (check out our Top 6 Volunteer Stops here).

  • Giving back, even a small amount of time, can be quite contagious, as we discovered when five adorable girls ran down the sand from their mosque to join us as we cleaned trash from a beach in Malaysia.
  • Volunteering also opens doors to local cultures we learned, when a family in Burma invited us to their hut for tea, and we helped their eight-year-old daughter with her English homework.
  • It also boosts employee morale, as we experienced at the companies where we worked and set up volunteer groups that are still active today.
  • If that weren't enough, volunteering is also an effective public diplomacy tool, as we heard from a U.S. Diplomat we volunteered with in El Salvador. 

We’re committed to our weekly volunteering, and hope you will join us on our mission.

Sign up to receive our email tips or follow us on Facebook andTwitter. We're also speaking about volunteering, philanthropy and global citizenship with businesses and at events and schools. And we're continuously looking for ways to provide new resources for travelers and non-travelers alike to help convince others to make giving back a more regular part of life.

Building on what we’ve experienced over the past three years, we’re committed to creating a movement to prove, whether at home or far from it, there’s always something we can do to help others…even if it’s just one day each week. 

Join us and so many others who've made the committment to giving back, having fun, and making a difference in the world. You'll be glad you did. And so will we! 

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